Comment on Quant - Sabermetric approach to trading

Joey commented on 11 Nov 2016, 12:28 PM

Hi Nithin,

While Time Analytics is a cool feature to view the profit and loss pattern, it does not take into account the profit and loss after brokerage and other tax related charges. This can be extremely misleading. For instance, Time Analytics show that I made continuous profits for two weeks, while in reality I lost Rs 650 due to trading charges two days in a row in the same week. I wish Time Analytics and all other analytics take this brokerage and tax charges into consideration for displaying analytics. Also, there is no way of knowing the total cost of my transactions (buy and sell) unless the next day (Kite does not update P&L even at 11:40 PM – 10 mins after close of commodity trading hours). While Zerodha provides a brokerage calculator, it is not very effective if you are dealing with a large number of trades.

Suggestion: Provide a display of estimated charges based on the last trade executed. The key word here is “estimated”. I understand that it is not possible to display real-time actual charges until close of trading day, but an estimate would be a big help.

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