Comment on Nithin - Zero to Zerodha

Sachin thorat commented on 10 Nov 2016, 11:33 PM

Hi..nitin inhave opened ac with ur firm2-3 months ago to check the platform specially the mob app…i had been associated with Iifl since 9 yrs n used.its web exe n mob app fully..but after using ur mob app i felt that its not as fast..or it had problems of login in the mornings.. it also showed problem when high volatility seen in mkts..i was not satisfied with the performance of app..obviously comparing with iifl app is also not possible considering the huge performance difference n costing..but still i had c.omplained this to ur sup must bw agree that mob app is wifely getting used for various reasons..n so will it b for trading as well in future infact its already so in such case its very important to have a app which is stunning n fast at performance without errors n 0 compromise as money of customers is on bet..Try trsting iifl app once it has guest mode to get idea of possible improvement in kite..if its will mint money..

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