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Ab commented on 01 Nov 2016, 01:26 PM

Hi Nithin,

Regarding the pledging of my stocks-
How can I be sure that after debiting my stock from my demat, it is indeed pledged and is safe? Should’t I receive some kind of a receipt which shows that 100 shares of Infy were debited from client account “for pledging” and have been pledged with CDSL/NSDL on so and so date.

It is only your inhouse backoffice tool “Q” which shows pledged shares. There is absolutely no pther official receipt/record of my pledged shares. Sorry if this sounds rude, but why should someone believe only your inhouse backoffice tool? What’s the guarantee that my shares are actually pledged with CDSL/NSDL after debiting from my demat?

Also I read somewhere that the monthly demat holding report should show a separate column titled “Pledged shares”. But this is not part of the holding reports which I get from Zerodha. Please clarify.

I am not showing any mistrust, infact I truly appreciate Zerodha for its transparency, but just want to know.


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