Comment on Chrome extensions for Kite and pulse

Ananda Krishnan commented on 27 Oct 2016, 09:45 PM

Dear Kamath,

1.User is able to place a buy order from the chart at mkt price.
2.User should be able to fix the lot size for repeatable trades.
3.As soon as a buy order is executed, the system shoots a sell order with a trigger for exit.
4.This sell order with trigger gets illustrated on the chart and user can drag and drop (Move the line) with a mouse to exit the market whenever they want for profit maximization.
This is nothing but high frequency manual trading based on chart. Trader is looking at .25 to 1 rupee most of the time and can exit when mkt reverses. It will be a boon for retail traders.

If ZERODHA can help it would be great.

Anand Krishnan

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