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ratan commented on 27 Oct 2016, 10:53 AM

1. can u once again clarify if BO is available for option trading for equities. today i again got an error while putting BO for supharma options “rms:blocked for optstk nse_fo bo block type: all”. also please say if for commodities is CO trading available, and the steps/points to note.
2. please tell BO order is avialable for …. and CO order is avialable for……., as in margins page we can see that it is available for all but while trading we get error.
3. if possible can you give me the link to the video tutorial of BO and CO (kite app- web and android app). also sir i suggest if it is possible please insert a little note to the trading platform regarding the various parameters which we need to enter like for trailling stop loss ( hint can be – enter no of ticks to trail – .05 means 1 tick for X instrument etc). this feature can help a lot.
4. also sir in kite android app the stocks pertaining to bse is not been displayed. there are many stocks which only trade in bse. we have to open money control to see if it is available in bse or nse only and then type in kite.
5. 1 last favour sir- is it possible to trade on the chart ( in kite app , web interface and pi directly by placing buy and sell order ) and also to show the buy order line and stop loss line which can be modified by shifting the line in real time directly on the chart. i know it will take time to integrate these advanced features but i think these can make zerodha software all they way more competitive and more user friendly ..thanks again sir for reading my suggestions and solving them. have a great day.

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