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D.Omprakash commented on 24 Oct 2016, 08:57 PM

Hi Nithin
My name Omprakash. Id: DO0042. ph: 9566068331Investing in mutual fund name Mirae Asset Mutual Fund monthly sip Rs.2000. Today(10/24/2016) recd email from mirae asset i am not able to figure what the mail means exactly. What i understood is bulk purchase temperorily suspension or something else. Will it affect my sip’s. Kindly clarify me or arrange a callback for this.
Here is the mail…………

NOTICE is hereby given that Mirae Asset Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd., Trustee to Mirae Asset Mutual Fund
(MAMF) has approved the following:
Fresh lumpsum subscription/switch-in to all the Plans & Options of Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund
(MAEBF) through any mode including Stock Exchange platform has been temporarily suspended with
effect from October 25, 2016 after the cut-off time of 15:00 hours.
Investors are advised to take note of the following details in respect of the aforementioned suspension:
i) Fresh Registration through the Systematic Route i.e. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)/Systematic
Transfer Plan (STP)**/ Mirae Asset Variable Transfer Plan (VTP)/Mirae Asset Trigger Investment Plan
(TRIP)/Mirae Asset Group Investment Plan (GRIP) shall be allowed for a maximum of upto Rs.25,000/-
(Rupees Twenty Five Thousand) per each installment/execution per trade date before the cut off time
of 15:00 hours. Further, the said limit of Rs.25, 000/- through all or any of the Systematic Route shall
be applicable at PAN level for each Investor.
**Investors may please note that the Daily STP from any scheme “IN” to MAEBF will not be available
during the said suspension period and that the Investors will be able to transact using the other frequency
options available under the STP facility of MAEBF with the specified limitation.
ii) Existing registrations/application received till the cut-off time of 15:00 hours on October 25, 2016 through
all or any of the Systematic Route, shall continue without any change (as is) as per the terms of the
Scheme Information Document of MAEBF at the time of such registrations.
iii) Any Redemptions including Switch-out or Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) would continue without
any change (as is) as per the terms of the Scheme Information Document of MAEBF.
iv) The scheme will continue to issue units to the investors registered under the Dividend Reinvestment
Option in case MAEBF declares any dividend.
The AMC reserves the right to reject and refund without any notice to the investor at applicable NAV, in
case if the subscription through all or any of the Systematic Route is received or inadvertently processed
for an installment amount of more than Rs.25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand) per transaction at
PAN level for any trade date.
All the aforesaid conditions shall be applicable to MAEBF till further notice.
This notice-cum-addendum forms an integral part of the SID, KIM and SAI of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund. All
other contents of the SID, SAI and KIM remain unchanged.
Kindly clarify this.

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