Comment on Zerodha-Fund withdrawal from Trading account

sandesh commented on 19 Oct 2016, 12:37 PM

Dear Nithin,


I am regular commodity trader of Zerodha, Yesturday i have called up to your customer care, but they can’t give proper answer/solution to my queries.

My query is.

When i have to go to your Kite Dashboard at there it is buy window on Zinc Script, there is different option which is MKT/LMT/SL/SL-M.

My question is When I Want to purchase the Zinc for Rs. 100/- X 10 Qty (MIS) with the Stop loss of 90/- then which option i have to choose. Whether i have to choose the SL & fill Rs. 100/- value in Price Column & Stop loss to be filled of Rs. 90/- in Trigger price column in same window.

If it is like that means it will work like when the market price of Zinc will come to 100/- system will automatically buy the desired mention quantity & after buying the commodity at 100/- if the market price is goes down to 90/- it will automatically sold that quantity to reduce further loss on commodity.

If there is nothing like that, kindly guide me with some example, because i have gone though your support centre FAQ section, but it’s not that much clear about the kite software handing.

Hope you will clear my doubts about SL kite handing.



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