Comment on Introducing smallcase — Invest in ideas

Gurbir Singh commented on 12 Oct 2016, 02:28 PM

Hi Nithin,

It seems like you guys at zerodha are indeed doing an awesome job and I feel left out of it due to sheer negligence of your staff. I live in Gurgaon and had applied to open an equity/commodity account with zerodha. Yes, the process was smooth enough but the end result, not much. I was not able to trade through kite due to an error “NSE/BSE not enabled on your account”. Repeated calls to Mr. Naresh (my POC) and the customer helpline went in vain, only to realize in the end that I don’t have a demat account yet (But I had my login ID to kite).

After many calls and no positive response from your guys, I didn’t have any option but to write to you. I hate to be doing this as I am also an entrepreneur and am familiar with the havoc that such situations create.

Can you please look into this and fill the loophole. In the long run, such situations are a turnoff.


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