Comment on Trading Q&A

Manas Chattaraj commented on 07 Oct 2016, 09:10 AM

Hello sir, My Zerodha Clint ID is RM3141,Everyday morning i am facing a problem while i try to open my ZerodhaQ-Backoffice. Its taking so much time to get open. Several time its not opening and showing an Error,Even on that whole day its not getting open at all. Apart from that I have another complain regarding Zerodha accounts department, When a client transferring money from his/her Individual bank account to Zerodha trading account along with a snap-shot,Then that amount should be updated automatically within a certain time limit,But its not happening, From my personal experience I am saying this, after transferring the amount in market hours I waited for 1 hour approx but Zerodha accounts department had not update my balance, So i called up to Zeroda customer care and then after half an hour approx they have update my balance to my trading account.I think it should not belike this, after transferring the amount within market hours why should client will make call to customer support for updating, It suppose to be update automatically, So I would like to request you to Mr Kamath for taking care of these kind of issues please. Zerodha is a brand,and i appriciate Zerodha services excluding those two issues. So will hope for good result on this in future.Thanks

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