Comment on NRI trading on Indian Stock Exchanges

Phani kumar commented on 04 Oct 2016, 08:08 PM

Hi Nitin,

This is Phani and am really interested to open demat & trading account with Zerodha.

Here is what I understand:
1) Repatriable (Using NRE Savings) : I can open demat & trading account on repatriable using NRE savings & NRE-PIS account but I can’t do trading with this.

2) Non Repatriable (Using NRO Savings): I can open demat & trading account on non-repatriable using NRO savings account (where NRO-PIS is not required) as per recent guidelines from RBI.

3) Finally, as an NRI – I can open one demat & trading account on repatriable and another demat & trading account with non-repatriable i.e., in total I can open 2 demat & 2 trading accounts.

Please confirm whether my above understanding is correct or not?

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