Comment on Intro to "Q" - next generation backoffice system

Steffy commented on 04 Oct 2016, 07:47 AM

Hi Team,

I opened my account with Zerodha very recently after going through the Varsity (Warehouse of Information). Thanks for the initiative and good work.
I am allotted some shares through IPO, but the ‘BUY’ price and date is not reflecting in Kite>Holdings nor in Q>Portfolio>Holdings. It prompts me to enter the buy price and date, but the scrips are missing under the discrepant holdings.
1. Will the scrips gets automatically listed under Discrepant holdings for editing?
2.Do I need to enter the scrips once again and edit it?
The warning ‘Discrepant holdings can’t be edited once entered’ makes me afraid.
Please guide me on how it can be edited.

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