Comment on Basics - Trading Interest rate futures

Suriyakumar Jayabal commented on 15 Jul 2014, 10:16 AM

Hi Nithin,
In Zerodha Online Brokerage Calculator, stamp duty is not getting added in the calculation. We need to to do some aftermath, which is not quite useful, I believe.

Actually for instance I buy in Intraday170 shares at 2421.1 and sell at 2422.2, the brokerage calculator shows 7.34 Profit and breakeven 1.06

When I get my settlement on that day, I actually get -42, which is 42 INR loss for me due to stamp duty charges.

Is it possible, if I choose Tamil Nadu in the state drop down box, the brokerage calculator can include the stamp duty charges also, of course considering the worst case 0.006% stamp duty and not considering max 50 INR.

Even if the real trade gives 50 INR as max stamp duty, it will be profitable only, so considering 0.006% stamp duty, is it possible to modify the online brokerage calculator.

Of course if no state is chosen, the calculations could consider zero stamp charges and ask the user to do the aftermath later.

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