Comment on Start the Zerodha 60 Day Challenge

Sajeev commented on 25 Sep 2016, 10:30 PM

Hi Nithin,

Great to see Zerodha, under your able leadership, coming up with new initiatives that help customers.

In US one has trading championships which run over months and many successful traders, like Larr Williams, Marty Schwartz etc, have used it to successfully catapult themselves.

Have you considered something on those lines where people start with maybe 10 lac money points (fake money) which can be used in a simulated environment but with real time quotes and execution ability. It could also be linked to their Zerodha account, if so chosen, so that they do not have to place trades separately. Also it could be either free or for participation one needs to purchase credit points. The top 3 winners at the end of the stipulated price period can be given a purse and can be included on Open Trade as stars.

Best wishes to you and your team for future successes.

Warm regards,

J Sajeev

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