Comment on Introducing smallcase — Invest in ideas

27pin commented on 23 Sep 2016, 01:36 PM

Hi, I purchased two smallcases so far and the experience is quite good, thank you.

I have two suggestions:

1. Could you please include the option of partial redemption (exit) of a smallcase just like a mutual fund. For example if I want to reduce a holding of say 1.2 lakh in a smallcase by 20% which is about Rs. 24,000. I should not have to manually sell a few shares every single stock. That would be tedious. The system should auto-calculate how many share of which stock needs to be retained and allow me to sell the remaining shares with a single click.

2. Similarly if I want to make additional investment into a smallcase, it should be possible to invest in the smallcase by small increments (say 8000 which could be smaller than the minimum investment amount of say 20,000 ) once the smallcase value exceeds the minimum investment amount required for starting that smallcase. I understand that maintaining weightages might make this challenging but I am just suggesting that it should be done wherever possible.

The above two changes should make the process of readjusting portfolios similar to the experience for mutual funds.

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