Comment on algoZ- a simple example

Raja commented on 23 Sep 2016, 09:05 AM

Hi Nithin,

I want to know a couple of questions regarding this:

1. My employee trades for me and I do not want to expose the formula to him. Can I lock the strategy in Pi? Or is there any alternative?

2. All my signals are “buy above” and “short below” kind of trades which come at the start of every hour (as the time frame is hourly). So, If I get a signal at 11:00 AM to buy above 100 and now stock LTP is 99, can I place the order at 11 Only or will the alert window for confirmation appear only at the time of call activation (say 11:20 AM) ?

3. Even if I have the option to place an order at 11 AM, at the time of activation (say 11:20 AM at 100 rs.) – will that be a “limit”, “SL” or “SL-M” order? Do I have the choice to choose?

4. I want to trade only in the first 4 calls of my strategy (though it gives me many in a day). Is this option available?

5. I’m preferring to use Pi only but in case, if I use Pi bridge to automate from Amibroker, will there be a delay in trading? I’m using data from “GlobalDataFeeds” which is a real tick live data.

6. Lastly, for fully automated access, you said that Zerodha needs “Authorised person” and NISM certificate. I’m already a Zerodha partner. Will that work? And I have NISM “research Analyst” certification, will that be enough?


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