Comment on NRI trading on Indian Stock Exchanges

Kapil commented on 22 Sep 2016, 03:10 AM

I have resident Trading and Demat Accounts with Kotak and Edelweiss(I have long term tax saving infrastructure corporate bonds in both of them), now I am NRI and have my NRO account with HDFC.
I am interested in Zerodha before opening account I need clarification on below:
1)My existing stock and bond holdings which I acquired while I was resident – can they be moved to new Zerodha Demat?(I am interested in NRO non PIS , non repatriable only),If yes what is the procedure to do so?
I am visiting India next month,Is it possible to get the documents verified in Jaipur Rajasthan?
2)If answer to first question is No then what would you advise for me in this case?I do not want to pay for multiple Demat accounts,The way I am thinking is just have one Trading + Demat Account(Which could be Zerodha) which will have my existing purchases along with new purchases if any(mostly equity delivery)
3) Also I also have few MF holdings with Kotak -can I move those as well to Zerodha?

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