Comment on Chrome extensions for Kite and pulse

Venu commented on 19 Sep 2016, 05:58 PM

Hi Abhay,
1) The account you’re holding at Zerodha is a CDSL account. When you purchased these units, we received these units to our NSDL pool account. RBI/Depositories isn’t allowing depositories allowed to make inter depositary transfers (NSDL to CDSL or vice versa) because of which we aren’t able to give you credit of these units. This is beyond our control as well. Here’s the recent depository circular which talks about enabling inter depository movement:
I believe someone from my team has called you and informed you the same.
Till such time that Inter DP transfers will be allowed, we wouldn’t be able to transfer these units. This is the reason we’ve disallowed buying units listed on the Exchange subsequently. We can give you an exit option though. Do let us know if you’d like to sell these and we can do it for you.
2) Dividends for pledged shares are reconciled on a weekly basis and are paid out within a maximum of 6 days of having received them from companies. Liquidbees dividends are computed on a monthly basis and are paid out. The rate of dividend paid out is different for corporate entities & to individual entities. Your pledged shares are held in a corporate account and hence such dividends would be applicable & paid.
3)It’s a common contract note cum bill, so your carry forward positions whould show. Will have this checked and fixed.

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