Comment on Latest Pi update - 18th July 2016

Umesh Banga commented on 17 Sep 2016, 04:39 PM

When are the new releases scheduled for kite and Pi? Any dates?

Kite – u can only have 5 watchlists. thats quite limiting.
no predefined watch list. is it coming?
no scanners – is it coming?
no fundamental scanners too? is it coming
alerts notifications on sms, email or push on apps. coming?

Pi – I am using Kotak downloadable software and working fine. for Pi – it is installed but when try to login gives message unable to login. can login on another computer. resintalled couple of times already. no antivirus so that cannot be issue. asked support they simply suggested to use kite. lol (not sure if they are aware of huge difference in functionality of pi and kite).

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