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Being_Batman commented on 16 Sep 2016, 10:48 PM

To Nithin Kamath Sir,

I m facing problems in Pi software from last 30-45 days.
so i decided to message you here.

1. Pi software stuck on “loading contract and exchanges”.
Need to clean *.bin file every time.
Need to re login again and again until it gets successfully loads everything.
No internet issue at all. It works fine, i have 2mbps internet connection speed.

2. Sometimes Chart freezes.
When i move my mouse pointer from one candle to another.
OHLC values in data box did not changes.
Need to minimize and maximize application to refresh.
so then it shows exact OHLC values.

3. Re code Horizontal and vertical line.
Horizontal line changes its place when we zoom in or zoom out.
There should be an option to apply at specific price level and It should be stick to that level.
Right now we can not apply it on specify price.
Vertical line cant apply through-out the indicators window.

4. Fibonacci Tool
Fibonacci extension is missing.
In fact we cant edit or add levels to Fibonacci tool.

5. Getting “Unable to fetch historical data” error message.
Open a new chart with any time frame, Apply 2-3 indicators.
and then save it as new template.
Now open new chart of any time frame and apply that template on it.
Now try to open another chart with any time frame.
This time it will give you an error message “Unable to fetch historical data”.
Basically when we apply saved template on chart it gives error message on loading new chart.

6. Major problem with Pi terminal is study.
As a trader or A student i believe in one thing “First Learn Then Earn”.
Pi software does not saves drawings or it can not load as it was in previous state.
Every time we need to setup.
Think on it, When we re-login after power failures or system crashes occurs,
It will be very helpful if pi terminal loads as it was in previous state with open charts, drawings, and applied indicators.
Right now pivot point only shows on today’s/Interaday chart.
There should be an indicator “daily pivot points” indicator to show previous days pivot lines so it will be very helpful to trader to learn from past.
There is no option to load recently closed charts.
Pi terminal does not load in offline mode.

7. Indicators levels.
There is no option to add new levels to indicator or highlight default levels of indicators.
We need to apply horizontal line on overbought and on oversold levels.
But horizontal line has problem. it does not applies on specify price.
And it changes its place when zoom In or zoom out the chart.
In indicators, Maximum and minimum level parameter is missing.
because of that indicators levels are not steady.
It changes its place along with trend line of indicators.
Indicators Levels should be fixed not floating.

8. No Forex related news are showing in news reader.
RBI will allow trader to trade in major currencies pairs soon.
so i request you to please bridge between Pi and MT4 for forex traders only.
Because MT4 is best trading terminal in the world right now.
It will helpful for forex traders to trade in major currencies pairs.
It just a request.

9. Pi software gives an error on exit.
It asks me to send an error report or quit.
Also sometimes.. It crashes.

10. Cant use Kite App, Pi Terminal, Kite Web all together at same time.
one of them get logged out.
Allow traders to use all three applications together.
Kite Web is way better than Pi software.
Only one thing is missing in Kite web is Cover order and bracket order.
Kite App is mind blowing. Quick Fast and very useful.

11. Please Merge MACD and MACD Histogram Together.

I m really frustrated with these problems,
These problems occurs on daily bases.
and there are so many trader are also facing it
and i can see so many traders are here also posting same problems from long time.
Please Nithin Sir, I personally request on behalf of all the trader.
please please please solve this issues As soon as possible.

I hope Zerodha technical team will fix this issue and will give us new update very soon.

Thank you.

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