Comment on Chrome extensions for Kite and pulse

Abhay123 commented on 15 Sep 2016, 12:31 PM

Hello Nithin,

Congrats on this success!

I will like to be very honest with you. The management team of Zerodha is excellent (product innovations, user friendliness, responsiveness etc). But believe me, you “REALLY” need to do something about your operational/back office team.

I am facing ‘n’ number of issues which are not being solved or even answered properly by your support team. It includes dividends not being credited on pledged shares (until I email them specifically), Bonds not being credited in demat after 1 month of purchase, errors in contract notes…….

I can go on. I guess these are all serious enough issues for your support team to pay attention to. But on most occasions I have got terse replies which I feel is almost an attempt to “clear one more ticket” rather than address my issues/questions with sincerity.

I suppose you will agree that the last thing a trader/investor wants is an un-reliable back office where he has to keep checking whether his shares were actually deposited, dividends were actually credited or not and all other operational aspects rather than focussing on his main task. Yes, the onus lies with the investor himself finally, but trust in broker is definitely shaken when things like this happen repeatedly.

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