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Manoj commented on 14 Sep 2016, 10:03 PM

Thanks a bunch for responding Nitin !

I believe it’s more of modifying the existing moving average indicator . Only the formula would need to be tweaked and the formula is what I’m not sure of either. Actually I have migrated from Sharekhan’s trade tiger to Zerodha platform so I got used to it for a while now. I’m sure others will find this useful too , not just fellow traders in Zerodha who migrated from Sharekhan’s trade tiger but also folks new to this. It helps eliminate a lot of noise that otherwise is visible in the conventional moving average monotone indicator. I understand it is an effort for the development team, but it’s certainly going to be worth while just like the myriad other worthwhile features that you’ve infused into this brilliant platform.

Hoping to see it in one of the forthcoming releases of Kite or Pi.

B.t.w I’m not sure if you already got a consensus from Zerodha users about Pi’s performance , Pi is slower in its response compared to Kite. Is this something we should expect , or is it just with me. I find it is particularly slow when I try to pan across the charts, there’s a bit of lag there.

Thanks for looking into this!


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