Comment on Transfer funds into your trading account

Anuj commented on 14 Sep 2016, 04:56 PM


It is a regret to say that Zerodha even can’t managed the simple process of crediting the money into the requisite a/c in stipulated time so that a/c holders don’t suffer.

Twice, I had transferred the money from my bank a/c to Zerodha a/c in evening through IMPS.
Both times, Kite was not reflected even after 24 hours. I had to lose on my trades because of
unknown reasons where nobody seems accountable.

It was clearly mentioned that off market transactions will be updated in few hours.
I suppose that should mean at least before the next trading day so the a/c holders can place their orders. But both time my orders got cancelled stating lack of funds even though Zerodha had my money. The respective tickets are #258574 & #540820.

Please improve your business practices. Also tell me the workaround of this problem as this seems to be of repetitive nature. Don’t tell me to do it in market hours because I am unavailable that time.

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