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  1. Munna Singh says:

    Hi Team,

    Today i traded “GOLDM JUN FUT”
    1. My first trade was 2 lot BUY at 47,090.00 and Stoploss I kept 47,045.00 you can see in chart SL should trigger at 05 Minute candle at 19:50-19:55 but SL triggered at candle 19:55-20:00, exactly at 19:55:32 but candle high & low range does not belongs to my SL price.
    2. My second trade was 1 lot Sell at 46990.00 and I added 1 more lot at 46945.00 and Stoploss I kept 47080 you can see in chart SL should trigger at 5 Minute candle at 21:50-21:55 but SL trigger at 05 Minute candle at 22:00-22:05, exactly at 1 lot 22:04:36, 1 lot I cannot see in executed orders but it is displaying in cancelled order at 22:01:00.

    I faced this issue many times before also but I kept ignoring but this issue is consistently repeating and making hug losses to me. I feel Zerodha is not a reliable platform. Can anyone tell me why this is happening.

  2. Ankit says:

    I got deduction from my account of Rs. 18,024.00 with description.
    “NSE-EQ Squring-UP Adj for 2020055 ICICIBANK 48.000 18,024.00.”

    What does this means ? I had no open postion. All the open position were square off on the same day before 2:00 PM by myself and I was in profit.

  3. Ravi says:

    Hello Nithin and Team

    I am noticing my shares disappearing on my account without my awareness of the same and support team is not able to explain what is going on

    Is ZERODHA a safe any more is my concern

    My ID: Dr1545

    Please call me asap

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ravi, your shares are completely safe with Zerodha. I also see that one of our support agents has already explained why you’re seeing lesser shares on Kite. It’s because the Ministry of Finance has decreed that all Yes Bank stock holdings of more than 100 shares as of March 13, 2020, will have 75% of the holdings locked-in for 3 years. This has also been explained on here. Also, you can still see all the shares you hold, along with the locked-in shares on Console.

  4. Geordie Job Pottas says:

    Request you to please create a trailing Stop loss in percentage terms facility for more than 1 day up till a year and a day more in Zerodha. This will be hugely helpful for medium – term to long – term investors with diversified portfolio. Now, we have the same in absolute figures in Zerodha. Please create a percentage wise trailing Stop loss too. Thanks a lot.

  5. Jayesh Tailor says:

    Very bad IT department,
    On pi platform market watch price and top 5 buyers and sellers price were different.
    i removed the pi and re instaled, but cpould not sign in,call the suport team, but 1st ned to make Ticket then i will receive the call and they solve the issue,after open ticket till now no any reply,
    again i caleed suport team after long heachec to put tele pin etc… support team replied same , tey will call and solve.

    It has to be simple if am calling IT department need to take pc on Team viewer and solve the issue , but is too long procedure , and problem still insisit.

  6. R,Muthukumaran says:

    Sir, since the recent update of Pi software, I am not able to access BSE stocks.I have registered for BSE segment and bought few stocks before Pi update. You can verify in my demat account also. I have already posted in this blog, sent few mails and called the customer care. Please rectify.Otherwise I am very comfortable with Pi platform and using it for few years.

  7. bakkesh k s says:

    I am very happy about this All Weather Investing . I had found that CAGR return is 10.96% as on 27 Feb 2019 since inception 29 Jun 2007 . which is exactly 11 years 7 months … is this CAGR included that fixed income dividents that pays regually reliance ETF divident or excluded ..

    example : if i invest 1 lakh in 2008 With CAGR of 10% it will grow to 2,59,374 rupees [2.59 Lakh] on 2019 .. what i am asking is that for my investment of 1 lakh the Current Value is 2.59 Lakh on 2019 exactly 11 years and 7 months .. my current P&L is 1.59 Lakh .. what about divident income that provided daily from past 11 years 7 months ..
    Current investment Current P&L is
    1 Lakh 1.59 Lakh

    Money put in Realised P&L+ Dividents
    1 Lakh 0 + 60000

    Current Value Total P&L
    3.19 Lakh 2.19 LAKH

    How to calcluate CAGR on this if is calculated on Total P&L means it will get CAGR 12.30 % over 11 years 7 months which include the divident income ..
    if i exclude dividents means i will get CAGR 10.96% if i calculated on the CURRENT P&L which is 1.59 Lakh ..

    My Question is simple ?

    All weather investing CAGR is 10.96% from Inception .. I want to know whether you include that divident income in a CAGR or execluding divident is that CAGR return

  8. Satish says:

    When i compared with other trading apps, Kite app is not pushing any alert messages to mobile and browser as well.
    For example i am holding Yes bank shares on Zerodha account, if yes bank released Quarterly results, promoter share Increase/decrease, bulk deals, block deals insider information using news analytics platforms. i am expecting i should receive same information on mobile app or browser using notification alert. Please validate Stockedge and Edelwiess apps for innovative features, like Target Active/Achieved alerts for buy and sell information.

  9. Rehan says:

    Hello Mr Nithin,

    I liked your Zerotha brokerage system, but I am really hesitating, as your firm is private and I am worried about my money security, as I played with big amount > 10L. How your firm provide assurance to client money. As many companies ran away with amount thats why people trust limited banks for safety.


    • Matti says:

      The risk of your broker defaulting is the same for any company, theoretically. In the real world, however, you would need to look at the financial health of the broker. If the broker is profitable, there is no reason to default. Nithin has answered a similar question in more detail here.

  10. VINAY says:

    I sent a mail to support asking what needs to be done to enable MCX for my account, they replied saying open a request along with uploading 6 months bank statement. i replied saying my bank statement is 15MB file where is site has limit of 5 MB what needs to be done. YOUR SUPPORT DOESNT UNDERSTAND MY PROBLEM. UPON THAT THEY REPLIED BIT ARROGANTLY SAYING DO AS PER MAIL SENT. THEY DONT KNOW WHAT IS USER EXPERIENCE HE COULD HAVE SUGGESTED WHAT IS ALTERNATE DOCUMENT. HOW CAN YOU FIX THIS?

  11. janak says:

    Sorry, strike price 11400 not 14400 (typo error)

  12. Janak says:

    Hi, I put one limit order of sell for 11400 PE at 27 for strike price 14400.

    Price want up to 28 and still my non of the lot got sold..
    I called and informed customer care of zerodha about the same..executive said ..that there were no buyer at 27…
    I want to rerify .as there was huge voulme and no body was willing to buy mention oorltion at 27 despite premium high up to 28

    • Faisal says:

      Hey Janak,
      We cannot confirm the market depth available for that day for that strike, request you to contact our Support Desk for more information

  13. Janak says:

    Hi, I put one limit order of sell for 11400 PE at 27 for strike price 14400.

    Price want up to 28 and still my non of the lot got sold..
    I called and informed customer care of zerodha about the same..executive said ..that there were no buyer at 27…
    I want to rerify ..

  14. P.Bhale says:

    The average price per script is showing Org. average price of holdings even after share split & on credit of bonus shares. This may be corrected by updating program logic under “Holdings” (Refer:Kite zerodha mobile app)

  15. Dipanjan Halder says:

    Kite is a great platform indeed, but can’t we add a basic features like showing bar high low close?

  16. rakesh negi says:

    I want to know why you are charging Rs.40 on future & option lot, however, you have mentioned flat Rs20 on future & option on your website. kindly explain me

  17. Yatender Sharma says:

    Hello sir
    Zerodha is the best platform for trading hats off to you…
    Sir i have a suggestion for some improvement for easy commencement of trade…
    Sir chart of a share is open only when it is added to watch list….
    If that stock is not in the watch list we cannot open the chart of that stock… Sir please remove this limitation please add a feature that if we have opened a chart already and we quickly want to open a chart of another stock then it can be opened by just typing its name on the search bar without adding it to the watch list first and trade directly from there… …. it will be very convenient for a trader…. and if possible please remove number of shares limitation that can be added to watchlist..

    • Matti says:

      We’re working on allowing users to invoke any chart, Yatender, but this will take a little time. As for the limit on the marketwatch, you can now add up to 40 scrips per marketwatch. We’ve imposed a limit in the interest on bandwidth preservation and wouldn’t change this as of now.

  18. Vaibhav Singh says:

    DP charges of CSDL is ₹5.5 and Zerodha takes ₹8.5 . After GST each holding transaction is ₹15.93 per scrip. Why this is not conditionally mentioned where you mention ₹ 0 investments ?

  19. BLB says:

    Dear Mr Nithin
    Can we make a logic in Pi script to vary the basis of Exit based on how much profit (absolute or in percent) the current order has from the Open price till Current price?

    Like, If Profit>=2% then exit if Price below SMA(CLOSE,8), else exit if Price below SMA(CLOSE,5) (of course with some other filters like length of the life of order in minutes)..

  20. Kanika says:

    On March 1, I had short-selling of 861 shares of praxis. So It went under auction. I didn’t receive any mail regarding at what price it got settled. So I just inquired ledger. What I have found in ledger is two following debit transactions-

    07/03/2018 Squring-UP Adj NSE 2018042,PRAXIS,762.000 135712.20
    06/03/2018 Auction Settlement Value for 2018042 134401.93

    To understand these two transactions, I contacted their customer care thrice yesterday. Everytime they told me that they will do the calculation and call me back. I have received no call from them and even no response to my ticket ( Ticket #20180312252952 ). Today I have found the change in ledger with following transcations-

    07/03/2018 Squring-UP Adj NSE 2018042,PRAXIS,100.000 17810.00
    06/03/2018 Auction Settlement Value for 2018042 134401.93

    Kindly look into this as I am not able to understand this. As I am not getting my query answered, i may be forced to go to Investor Complaints Cell for registering my complaint.

    Kite Complaint ID: 20180312252952

    • Ankit says:


      did you get the solution. I also got same deduction from my account.
      NSE-EQ Squring-UP Adj for 2020055 ICICIBANK 48.000 18,024.00.
      What does this mean ? I had no open postion. All the open position were square off on the same day before 2:00 PM and i was in profit.

      Please help me to understand. Zerodha customer care is not responding.

      • Lakshitaa says:


        I’ve faced the same issue. Did you’ll get the solution? I’m left confused. As of yesterday my withdrawable balance was 29K and today my opening balance is 16K.
        NSE-EQ squring-UP Adj for 2020055 IDEA 5000.000
        I did not receive any mail regarding it. Nothing. Just money deducted. If positions weren’t closed how was the full amount available in my withdrawable balance and then suddenly deducted?

        Please clarify.

  21. Saurabh says:

    Hi Mr Nithin,
    I request you to add thefollowing studies which are basic though but not included in PI although its there in kite :-
    1. DEMA( double exponential moving average)
    2. TEMA (Triple exponential moving average)
    3. Ichimoku kinko hyo Cloud