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December 10, 2012
Word Cloud - AlgoTrading

Word Cloud – AlgoTrading


With the AmiBroker Trading plugin, our low trading costs, Zerodha Trader, and the discounted data cost for AmiBroker, you as a retail trader/investor get a setup similar to that of an institutional trader. In this blog I will briefly explain what the AmiBroker plugin does. Remember that you will be completely responsible for educating yourself on how the AmiBroker trading plugin would work. Global Datafeeds will provide you complete online support and access to any information that can speed-en the process of you becoming an AmiBroker expert, but you would have to take the initiative.

What is the AmiBroker Trading Plugin?

It is an interface between AmiBroker and Zerodha Trader. This bridge automates most of the tasks associated with placing Buy/Sell orders.


The present scenario: Technical Analysts analyze one or two charts at a time and have to keep monitoring for when a buy/sell signal is generated. Once you see this signal based on your indicators, you would have to place the trade on the trading platform. All of this could mean loss of precious time/opportunities which could eventually decide on whether you are a successful trader/investor or not.

If you have a technical strategy which can be put down in paper – For example; assume you have a simple strategy to buy/sell on the moving average crossover. This strategy can be very easily put on AmiBroker using AFL (AmiBroker Formula Language. Once you have created the AFL, you can backtest it on AmiBroker and if you are convinced that the strategy is profitable, you can take it live. You can also use the screener to find out which among the hundreds of scrips available are generating you a buy/sell signal based on your formula. At the same time you can run the formula on as many scrips as you wish. You can also run multiple formulae on multiple scripts at the same time, which is humanly impossible to track. What I have described till now is what makes AmiBroker a very powerful tool to use.

What the trading plugin does is that it takes AmiBroker a step more advanced and initiates an order on Zerodha Trader. So for example, if you were running the moving average formula on 10 different scrips and 2 scrips gave a buy signal, you would automatically get a popup on the trading platform with your preset order size for the 2 scrips. You have to authorize this order, which would then get placed on the exchange. Check this video on how it works.

This process of placing an order as described above is semi-automated, which means that there has to be a manual authorization to place the order. Once you are completely confident on the system and your strategy, this process can be made completely automated.

Process to setup the AmiBroker Trading Plugin:

  1. Open a trading account with Zerodha and setup the “Zerodha Trader” platform.
  2. Subscribe to datafeeds and get your AmiBroker license from Global Datafeeds by visiting their website and contacting them on their online chat support.
  3. The AmiBroker trading plugin is given free of cost, but you will need to subscribe to the NEST Plus Trading plugin which lets you place an order on the trading platform from an external source. Please find the details of the Plus Trading Plugin. This costs around Rs 250/month and you get a discount if subscribed annually.
  4. Educate yourself on how to use the trading plugin by visiting the videos and using Global Datafeeds’ online support.

Please note that as an added benefit because of our partnership with Global Datafeeds, you can request for a 3-day free trial of AmiBroker license and data. You can then send an email to [email protected] and request for a 5 day free trial of the plus trading plugin.


Happy Trading,


Nithin Kamath

CEO @ Zerodha and partnering startups through Rainmatter to help grow and improve the capital market ecosystem in India. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter. | Personal website:


  1. Biju says:

    i would like to see the functioning of this new feature…but how to do it …can some one guide ….first like to take a free trail …looking its sucess and utility…i will like to take a long call

  2. Giridhar Marda says:

    Please provide a 5 day free trial of the plus trading plugin at RG0101

  3. Aravind Thirumalai says:

    a week’s trial will be useful to decide.

  4. Tribhuvan says:

    Zerodha would give this plugin free of cost to its clients, as its one time investment, in the market lot of vendors are giving this plugin to amibroker at 250/- PM, Comparing with global feeds cost is too high with zerodha partners.

  5. Syed Tajir Ali says:

    I would like you to request you to give a free trial for 5 days. I want to test the software.

  6. V S Soundararajan says:

    Please inform us your details

  7. Naveen Sharma says:

    I subscribed to it but global feeds team is not capable to explain in detail customer strategies like moving average crossover, so Zerodha should deput a resource to explain in like chat or phone, as ultimately their turnover is increasing, thanks

  8. Sivadas.p.s says:

    pls giv more details/ my mob is 09142299255

  9. Anandkumar says:

    Could you pls provide your the free trail for few days

    My Zerodha User ID : DA0757


  10. Kandasamy says:

    Please provide a 5 day free trial of the plus trading plugin for dk0254

  11. Seema Raghuwanshi says:

    sir my client id is ds1011-13906 please provide a week trail on my now plateform

  12. Nithin Kamath says:

    @everyone, we at Zerodha can you give you a 5 day free trial for NEST Trading plugin and to get this trial send an email to [email protected]. For free trial on amibroker and data feeds, you will have to get in touch with and tell them your Zerodha Client id on their online chat support and they will give you the trial..

  13. Giten says:

    pl call 9699931031

  14. Basavanyappa says:

    dear sir,

    i need it

  15. Nithin Kamath says:

    @Giten, Basav, you will have to visit, and tell them that you are a Zerodha client, get the special offer for datafeeds and the free trading plugin. Once that is done, you will have to subscribe to the trading plugin on NEst plus. Global datafeeds will provide you with online support on how all of this would work.

  16. Dr.vmariappan says:

    Please provide a 5 day free trial of the plus trading plugin for dk0291

  17. Raghavendra Rao Valleti says:

    Please provide a 5 day free trial of the plus trading plugin for dv0031

  18. Nithin Kamath says:

    For the 5 day free trial of plus plugin, please send an email to [email protected]

  19. Srinath says:

    i would like to bye data feeds which u have providing to clients, will you give free trials my zerodha id is DS0012-13906
    Regards srinath gowda cv

  20. Madan says:

    globaldatafeeds provide only nse fno. no eq segment

  21. tks61 says:

    How to become a dealer to get totally automatic trading plugin?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      To Get a dealer terminal, you need to first get registered as an Authorized person with us on the exchange you want to trade. The dealer will need to have NISM certification.

      There will be charges to get registered as an AP on the exchange(Rs 5000/exchange one time cost) and dealer terminal will have monthly rental charge of Rs 250/exchange/segment.


  22. AP1 says:


    I have done all the required setup to place orders, but I dont know how to configure for the scenario mentioned below:
    1. Signals are based on price action analysis and no AFL is being used to generate them. 2. I want to use lines to place a trade when a price crosses the level.3. I want both long and short to be allowed with the same quantity on every order, but I am not always in trader, so most of the times I want to just close the existing position. Currently if I place a BUY and then want to close it the quantity is doubled automatically.

    Looking forward to help in this regard.

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      You will need to contact globaldatafeeds for this. Let us know if you need any help connecting with them.


  23. Veena says:


    I have downloaded amibroker for trial. Will I get to use data from Zerodha? If yes how to import data? Please help.

    • Veena,

      Exchanges, don’t legally allow you to export data from the trading platform to another software. There are a bunch of companies who sell a plugin to do this, but know that it is not legal. If you use amibroker, you will have to ideally buy data from a data vendor.


  24. Veena says:

    Ooops.. I didn’t mean the illegal way…:-) I thought Zerodha will provide data. So I will have to go for data from global data feeds I guess… Thanks for the reply… 🙂

  25. manju says:

    can i subscribe only plugin?

  26. kishan says:

    can i use trading plugin to place bracket order ( intraday mannually ) on amibroker chart itself

  27. kishan says:

    thank u Mr.Nithin, iam beta tester of pi, but we dont have bracket order on pi, so after nestplus2.9 upgrade it doesnt have 15min chart so trying to use amibroker,

  28. kishan says:

    i will try the the ami to pi bridge

  29. Atulan chatterjee says:

    I use Zerodha Trader with GFDL trading plug in, but it is semi automated only. I asked them to enable it to full auto mode but they said that is not possible.

    I will be thankful if you arrange to send your reply to my email ID also.


  30. Pratik Patel says:

    Great to see this article…

    More than the article, I am impressed by your effort and time Nithin Kamath, to reply each single query; no matter how silly it is !!
    Great value to customer, I must say !!! Well done !!!

    Pratik Patel

  31. Mitesh Panchal says:

    Is this Amibroker-Nest Plus trading plugin send order with Bracket order ?

  32. sairam says:

    HI nitin this is not come under automatic or robo trading????, i mean no testing,permission from exchange,API allll those not required for this?????

  33. Raksha says:

    I want to know what is Running Account Authorization, and why it is needed, its pros and cons. Is it mandatory to sign this while opening account with zerodha.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      In the absence of a Running account authorization a broker would have to make payout of funds to your account everytime you sell shares and you have to transfer funds to your account whenever you want to purchase shares. In order to avoid this operational inconvenience running account authorization is required which allows you to retain funds in your trading account and use them when you wish to.

  34. It would be more helpful if things are made in a fully automated way rather than semi automated. Hope zerodha will launch some automated orders punching products in the near future.

  35. Aji S L says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Good Morning. I have been in stock market and have tested many trading softwares. Of the lot other than AMibroker what I liked is trackntrade software from this company in the US. They have a fully automated system. You put your strategy and forget it. System does it for you. But it is not flexible like AMIBroker. The best part in AMibroker is that we can code it to our needs and risk reward ratio. Now that my AFL is ready I want to put that in Amibroker and forget it. In 2012 we used to hear about zerodha in Trivandrum. Now people say they have closed the business. Is there any representative of yours in Trivandrum… Please let me know.


  36. Karan says:

    How do I completely automate my strategy using ZT Trader plugin? I need automatic execution for my orders

  37. chaitanya says:

    i have a observation can we write a code on amibroker or zerodha scanner…
    first identify high and low between 11 to 1 and if price cuts high we should go long and if prices cuts low we should go short…
    can we write a code for this to pick stocks

    thank you

  38. Ramesh says:

    dear Nitin
    i am zerodha customer and dealing in cash market. I am using zerodha pi software. I was reading this blog and come across the Ami broker software and automated feed and data. Please guide me can I been benefited by buying this software or any other automation software available with zerodha. Thanks

  39. Senthilarumugam T says:

    Am using 2year inzerdha kite i need automatically order

  40. Pravin Maruti Jadhav says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin,

    I am using Zerodha for Trading from Last 2 Years, Recently I bought Amibroker and Using ValueRT Data Vendor, I want to use Amibroker to directly place buy/sell orders to zerodha.

    What will be the easiest way, how can i do this. Please do not advice datafeeder as I already subscribed for ValueRT for 1 year.

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