Amibroker – ZT Plugin Pricing

December 10, 2012


As you would have read in the other blogs in this section, for using the Amibroker Trading plugin you would need:

  1. Zerodha Trader, the software version of our trading platform. To get access to this platform you will have to open a trading account with us.
  2. Amibroker software license – There are 3 versions: Standard Edition: Rs 12500, Professional Edition: Rs 17600, Ultimate Pack Pro edition: Rs 25800. For more visit this link, or the blog on Amibroker-Introduction.
  3. Subscribe data for Amibroker at a special price for all our Zerodha Clients, as low as Rs 990/month. Check the following link for more. Make sure to mention your Zerodha client ID when you contact the online support team of GlobalDataFeeds. Also read the blog Amibroker-Introduction.
  4. Amibroker Trading plugin is free of cost, but you will have to subscribe to Plus Trading plugin to be able to place orders on Zerodha Trader which costs Rs 250/month. For more please go here.


As part of the tie up with GlobalDataFeeds, you get a 3 day free trial for both the amibroker software license and for live data feed. To get this trial offer contact the online support on We also offer a 5 day free trial for the “Plus trading plugin” and you will have to send an email to [email protected] requesting for the same.

Please remember that Amibroker is no magic formula that will automatically make you profitable. But if you are proficient at Technical Analysis, you can use Amibroker and the Amibroker Trading plugin to improve the chances of you being profitable in the markets considerably.

As I have mentioned before we are always striving to provide you(our clients) an “edge” over everyone else. Our low trading costs is an edge and this tie up with GlobalDataFeedsgives you a crucial technology edge. Hoping that you utilize them to profit from the markets.

Happy Trading,


Nithin Kamath

CEO @ Zerodha and partnering startups through Rainmatter to help grow and improve the capital market ecosystem in India. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter. | Personal website:


  1. Mohan Reddy says:



  2. Siva Reddy says:

    please send details

  3. Peri Bhavani Shankar says:

    I am very much interested in this service.
    Please let me know whom to be contacted particularly
    for getting this service.

  4. Ramaditya says:

    I am interested in this service.
    Please let me know whom to be contacted particularly
    for getting this service.

    • Pratish Kumar says:

      I am interested in this service.
      Please let me know whom to be contacted particularly
      for getting this service.

  5. Anantaraj says:

    I am interested in this service.
    Please let me know whom to be contacted particularly
    for getting this service.

  6. Anantaraj says:

    I am interested in this service.
    Please let me know whom to be contacted particularly
    for getting this service.

  7. Vishal Sood says:

    I am intrested in subscription. Pl. contact me on my No. 9915527677,or
    Kindly inform me whom to contact.

  8. Kiran B.a. says:

    I am very much interested with the amibroker trading plugin, Kindly contact me on 9886863577 or provide me details on the same.

  9. Dharmesh Mehta says:

    i m intrested in subscription . my no 9820171272 provide me details on the same. thanks.

  10. Nilam Shah says:

    1. how can we use this for tading?
    2. Pricing (AmiBroker asw ell as Zerodha’s Cost)

  11. Mudasir says:

    Cant wait for such service, p,s send d details

  12. N G Mohanan says:


  13. Shiju.kk says:


  14. Ashwath says:

    I am very much interested to avail the facility. And also I would like to know that, Will it be possible to go for Equities as well as Commodities for Zerodha Plug-in.

  15. Mohana says:

    please give me the contact details for amibroker.

  16. Nithin Kamath says:

    Guys all the details are mentioned in the 4 blogs,please do read through them. Go to for getting details on amibroker and plugin. The Nest trading plugin free trial for 5 days can be got by sending email to [email protected]..

  17. Arunkumar says:

    i have already ami subscription now i can use zt trading?

  18. Nithin Kamath says:

    @Arun, if you are having ami subscription, it most likely will be from globaldatafeeds. You can contact them and tell that you are a Zerodha customer and they will give you the installation file for the AMibroker trading plugin, which will help you trade from amibroker directly. Also you can use your zerodha client id and get special price for any future subscriptions..

    • Ruby Gandhilal says:

      Dear sir, Why you have chosen an expensive data provider like GlobalDataFeeds, There is many companies providing data for 400-500 rs, Instead of spending 1600 customers can limit monthly expense to 400, Please enable this future for all data providers.

      • Ruby, those people u r mentioning at Rs 400 to Rs 500, they are unauthorized data vendors, and we as members of the exchange can’t associate with anyone who is not a vendor with the exchange.

  19. Nagendra says:

    good afternoon sir. i want 2 subscribe amibroker. plz can u send any installer near my house 2 install a subscription

  20. Shivaraj says:

    Thanks to zerodha,
    Please provide and explain ,how can use and help trading?

  21. Nithin Kamath says:

    @nagendra, you will have to contact the online support on , @shivaraj, do read all the 4 blogs on amibroker plugin and if you are interested in taking it forward, contact online support on

  22. Sethumadhan says:


  23. Baburaju says:

    pleas provid free trail ,iam zerodha treder how much the cost tell me

  24. Nick says:

    nice one

  25. PKJ says:

    Hi All,
    GDFL is only providing data for F&O ,MCX. No data for cash market.Can its trading plug in be used in other RT data sources?So that one can trade stocks using it.

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Trading plugin can be used to send order from amibroker directly.. To fetch cash data onto amibroker using plugin won’t be possible…

  26. ravivizag says:

    sir, i have ambibroker with rt data, from other vendor can i use zerodha plugin to send order from ambibroker or i have to purchase from gdfl to use it.

  27. Madhavan.Ramani says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Do you have any other Software for Options Analysis? Something like “thinkorswim” for indian markets? Also, is there some way to automate trading (some sort of a plugin to pull data from Zerodha Trader and generate trading calls and execute the trades)?

    Thank You,

  28. NARAYAN1008 says:

    Hallo sir
    why u don’t give exposure in intraday currency trading.currency trading is not risky in comparision to option trading using cover order
    Plz think about it

  29. pradeep says:



    • Pradeep,

      If you are looking at buying Amibroker, I’d suggest you to probably wait for a bit. We are working on a new trading platform which should ideally be able to do everything that an amibroker does and all free of cost.


      • ravi.r says:

        sir in kite supertrend chart it give late indication short or buy so compare ambibroker how much percentage? and its only add in pi software or kite.zerodha also. and how much charge ?

  30. manish says:

    i am looking for portable AMI to Nest trading plugin for signals..RT feed that i am using is other than provided by Global data feeds..CAn you help me out?

    • Manish,

      The plugin between AMI to NEST presently is designed by Global data feeds, and hence you would need to subscribe to their data feeds if you need it. It is not a product designed by us, so will not be really possible in any other way presently.


  31. Veena says:

    Hi Nitin,

    When will the new trading platform be available

  32. vicky says:

    i am vicky tatiya i want information auto trading plz call me 9766124224

  33. Satyajit says:

    Is pulse already available for use ? If it is can you write a small piece on how it can be used?


  34. Sharan says:

    Hi this is sharan. i am waiting for zerodha AFL platform. Thank You.

  35. Rajesh says:

    Is new Trading Platform ( similar to Amibroker ) will be available from 1st April ?

    • Rajesh, it is not 1st April, it will take a little longer, but yeah it will have advance charting, coding and backtesting ability like amibroker.

      • coolblr says:

        @Nikhil, Any update on this? I have to renew my data subscription by end of this month, it would be great if you could let us know the status and if we I can lay my hands on the beta (will know if I have to extend the data or software that you are providing is good) if not the release candidate software 🙂


        • The exchanges have been killing us in getting those approvals, give us a few more days we should have something out to check out.

          • coolblr says:

            Thanks Nithin, hope you guys would get the approvals soon and we will have the best trading/charting platform for Indian markets.


            PS. Oops! I dont know why I typed as Nikhil, sorry about that. My bad.

  36. saxe says:

    Is there an option to create/modify/delete orders through scripting in Nest Plus?

  37. Arti,morena says:

    Hi Nithin,
    This is DA1727, As feedback from GlobalDataFeed , they say only order can be routed from Ambibroker to NEST , but their plugin is unable to modify /cancel orders. So it seems useless for me ?
    I want to make stoplossorder Limit and want to modify/cancel non executed order s. is this facility available in ZT Nest Pulse or in your about to come new platform. What else work around this all ?


  38. bhupendra shah says:

    i interestd in amibroker live chart i take trial of signal chart

  39. Arti mittal DA1727 says:

    Hi nithin,
    I am Arti, DA1727
    1 I want to run multiple strategies on different windows for each lot of nifty future -say 5
    Each lot of nifty will have its own strategy

    2 I want to enter as stoploss limit order. And as this order executes,after trade confirmation, same time I want to raise opposite stoploss limit order. And as trade moves in my direction I want to trail / modify My stoploss limit order.
    For this thing I will need order id or trade id parameter from system .

    3 Global data feed people say their plugin is from ambibroker to nest but not nest to ambibroker, thus I can issue order , but can not modify orders, and there is no trade confirmation also. i will have to modify/ cancel them manually.

    Can I do above mentioned things by any mean ? any work around this, pls inform me

    I am very disappointed with this so called automated algo trading.


    • Arti, This won’t be possible in the present trading platform, we should have a solution for this once our new platform is out, might take a few months. The whole automated thing for retail is frowned upon by the regulators, and hence nothing much is happening in this space for retail in India.

  40. PRAKASH says:

    This is what it shows on the link:
    Amibroker software license – : Standard Edition: Rs 15650, Professional Edition: Rs 21350, Ultimate Pack Pro edition: Rs 31200.
    Please confirm if this is correct.

  41. arun says:

    Nithin Bhai waiting for Zerodha Pi (trading platform)….when will be the launch ????

  42. Kumar says:

    Dear Nithin Sir,
    Very Interested in Zerodha Pi, shall I wait for the same for some time (2 more months) or subscribe Amibroker (for Zerodha A/C holders)
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  43. Ramu says:

    I have amibroker and data from global data feeds. My zerodha ac no is DR2148.

    I raised a request (#423993) for nest plus trading plugin 10 days back but still it not yet done. Every request from me is taking a lot of time with zerodha to resolve. Why is it taking a lot of time for simple requests. Till Pi bridge for amibroker is available I am planning to use the nest plus plugin for amibroker.

    Please help in resolving the issue and getting access to nest plug in for amibroker in a day or 2. I am yet to start trading through Zerodha because of all these impediments.


  44. Ramu says:

    My understanding is trading through amibroker could be done only through nest plus account.
    Pi – amibroker bridge plugin is yet to be available. Am I right?

  45. MKJ says:

    HI I use Investar to do T.A. , I want to directly,manually place a coverorder just by pressing a key, while using investar. For this purpose I wrote a simple script in AutoHOT Key ,eg-


    Click 100,1200
    Sleep, 40

    Send {Shift down}{F1 down}{Shift up}{F1 up}

    Click 390,530
    ;Click 390,530
    Send {10}
    Sleep, 4240
    MouseMove 590,230
    Sleep, 5240
    MouseMove 596,230
    Send {Esc}
    Send {F3}
    Sleep, 4000
    Click 1196,1
    Click 160,1200

    this automatically place coverorder buy then switch back to investar. It is working also , but my
    doubt is whether this is legal ?

    • MKJ, if you have to go by exchange rules, no. This is automated and anything that trades on its own needs exchange approvals and all. But here is the thing, the exchange or us (the brokerage) will ever get to know if you placed the order manually or by using the above code.

      • MKJ says:

        Thank you for reply . but i am not using it for fully automation , i still need to press a key to run the buy script , so it’s a kind of shortcut key . In this way can it be legal according to exchange rules?

        • hft1529 says:

          MKJ BOSS,

          It is a common-sense. You can use whatever you want to fire orders either via manually or semi-automatic or fully automatic.
          NEITHER in this world including Zerodha or Exchange will come to know that you have fired orders automatically.
          The shit exchange rules are only for BROKERS. The brokers are not supposed to provide auto facilities in their software.
          As a retail trader, if you are capable of doing your own auto-trading by using in-direct methods, you are free to do that, and no one is stopping you.

          BEST OF LUCK!!

  46. Josemon Thankachan says:

    sir IAm josemon

    Client Id KERJ0731
    I am very much interested with the amibroker trading plugin, Kindly contact me on 8308715628 or provide me details on the same.

  47. chethan says:

    hello nitin sir as i am a client of swastika i wish to purchase globaldata feed which gives amibroker software as i trade only in bank nifty futures in intraday and expect only 50 points daily can i get global data feed software and which one to select in it and can i install in one pc or an i use various to see the data becouse sometimes i trade from office as well as in my home kindly please do reply sir
    -thank you

    • Chethan, you can mention the guys at global data feed that you are a Zerodha client. They will give you a discount on the data feed. Btw, if you are subscribing to data feed only for the purpose of charting, you will get it free on our new trading platform Pi. Check this:

  48. Sohil says:

    Today I talked with your CC. CCtold me that I an get the feed data from PI to Amibroker using your plugin.
    But “z-connect” seems to be saying the opposite.
    So I am asking again — Is it possible to get the data feed from PI into Amibroker ?
    Why did your CC gave me Contradictory information ?

  49. santana says:

    Hi nithin,
    I have activated PI software and Pi bridge for Amibroker installed on my laptop, but not activated yet
    by your IT persons.

    Though I already emailed to them that my Data and Amibroker is active, but still they have not activated Pi bridge for Amibroker for Robotrading. I have also pass my NISM viiii certification.

    Time being to cut down the cost I am using private DATA feeds. later I will take licenced Data.
    Kindly do the needful to your earliest.

    Yours trully,

  50. sarode_58 says:

    Dear Mr. Kamat,
    I am confused by your Vasity Module-2 Technical Analysis chapter point 19.4, part -2 evaluation process, you mention RRR (risk to reward ratio) to be at least 1.5. Do you mean for every one rupee risk the reward will be Rs.1.5 OR vice versa? In Scapler point no. 19.5, it is mentioned that RRR of 05 to 0.75 is acceptable. In this case is the risk higher than the reward? This is absurd. Why anybody will enter in trade where chances of loosing are more? If not more there should be at lease 50:50 chances of winning. I hope you have understood my question.

  51. sarode_58 says:

    Dear Mr. Kamat,
    This is Dilip Here RD1232.
    Do I have write to Mr. Kartik again for answer?

  52. RK1869 says:

    Hi NIthin,

    Please advise on below.
    1. If we use Amibroker trial version is it ok? Will we be able to auto trade on the same?
    2. After passing NISM Series VIII Certification, will zerodha help me in becoming “Authorized Person “?
    3. If i choose only F&O, will the registration be Rs 3000 only or i need to register for all the segment, like currency, etc?
    4. What is cost of data from Global Datafeeds?
    5. does my strategy need to be audited? if yes, even if its simple strategy based on MACD, Stochastic, etc?
    6. what are the zerodha charges in making this happen?

  53. RK1869 says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Few more queries.

    1. Do we have code for SuperTrend based on “ATR and Multiplier”?
    2. Why our strategies/code need to be tested?
    3. is it ok if we take data from other vendor and not global data feed? what is the importance of global data feed data?

  54. Varun says:

    Sir, Please provide me link to download ZT and also explain me how to use nestplus with ZT

  55. chandrakant says:

    I have linked up with two accounts axis bank and SBI bank at the starting. But as of now I want to close my axis bank account I only want SBI bank to link with my trading account. So please remove my axis bank account I had also submitted the form to the Bangalore but yet it is not done. And I also want to know how do I sell my share from holdings? I tried to sold indusind bank on Friday but it didn’t sold. So please help me with this.

  56. narendra says:

    pls contact i am intrested this servise

  57. syed shah ishtiyaq alvi says:

    dear zerodha client dont go for this Pi bridge. they deduct the amount from my account. even i haven’t install the software. on 22nd april from support they try to install software through team viewer but they are also not able to install the software. and she told me that she is going to create request for refund but till date no one call me from support till date nor refund the amount.

  58. Subhan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a few queries. which are very similar to each other.

    1. does globaldatafeeds provide data for BSE as i want to see BSE – Small Caps
    2. I haven’t subscribed to similar service before, do they provide classified data in categories just like, BSE- Small caps, midcaps, nifty, and all what they are there on Moneycontrol or other trading platforms such as Sharekhan’s trade tiger.
    3. do they provide data for all symbols but restricts only 5 to seen simultaneously in their lite plan. But all symbols and categories are available
    4. do they provide data for intrady.


  59. Jagdish says:

    Dear Nitin,
    Whether buy or sell signals call provided by pi?

    If yes, then pls guide how?

  60. Anand says:

    1. I need back testing for super trend with alarm.
    2. Is there any plan to provide in Pi ? If yes then when we will get.
    3. I need Ambibroker Professional Edition. whom to contact ?

  61. shekar says:

    Dear sir,

    I would like to scan the stocks which is gap with previous day high or low in very open of the market @9.15 AM.
    Please suggest me the way how to scan. As am following this strategy now manually. Due to this am missing
    some times great opportunities to trades.

    Thank you,


    • Akshay.A says:

      You have to write the code for this and load it in the scanner. If the code is correct and when the code conditions are met in the stocks loaded in your scanner, then the alert time of your scanner will change indicating that one of your conditions have been met.You can check here and ask for the code.

  62. Anuj says:

    im interested plz call me

  63. davinder says:


    How can i download PI bridge?

  64. Nilesh J says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Is it one kind of algo trade……morning we can start it and go to office??

  65. Tulshibagwale says:

    Nitin Ji
    Accept my Sincere appreciation to you and team for EXCELLENT TRADING PLATFORM. I want classroom training on ALGO. Whether ZERODA had tie-up with any institute or ZERODA can extend such facility ?

  66. Rakesh says:

    I am interested pleas send details or call me immediately

  67. Mohit Krishna says:

    Amibroker plugin needed…

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