Comment on Calendar Spreads

indrasena commented on 18 May 2019, 12:31 PM

Hi Karthik
I recently discovered that we can trade spread contracts directly on ZT (by the way ZT is such an amazing platform with so many features i would certainly everyone to try it). And I observed that the contracts for currencies futures are liquid enough for small trades. Now my question is what are the costs of the trade, in zerodha brokerage calculator there is no mention of the STT costs for currencies but Nithin Kamath mentioned “Spread trading is not very popular in India, especially because of higher trading costs (the STT/CTT which is 0.1% makes it nonviable)”. so now i am bit confused. And lastly dose trading spread contracts directly with SD concept is good idea? or am I missing something. U have seen it all in the markets so I guess u can help me with your experience.

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