Comment on Interesting features on TradingView

Samarth Goel commented on 17 Mar 2019, 06:04 PM

I already contacted Zerodha Support regarding this issue, the issue is mentioned by other users in above posts. But still just wanted to give a suggestion if possible & you can implement it. I am already aware that CHART LAYOUTS on Trading View are not stored on cloud & are stored Locally On a Machine. But instead of saving them in BROWSERS CACHE MEMORY if it can be saved locally on to another location so if by any chance I clear the BROWSER CACHE, instead of creating all layouts again I can simply load them from a previous saved location. Because Browser Cache is not something that is permanent & needs to be cleared periodically, it becomes really frustrating in middle of trading to create the entire chart layout again if by chance the browser Cache is cleared. Please look into it if possible. Thanks.

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