Comment on Interesting features on TradingView

Srikrishna Rowthu commented on 10 Mar 2019, 06:20 PM

Hi Karthik,

I just wanna re-look at few concepts of “Technical Analysis” again here and I came back to see all the chapters. Luckily, I found this chapter very soon :). Very happy about this feature. (Looking at multiple time frames at a time). Earlier, I had to open 2-3 pop-outs of the same chart and select different time-frames and then compare one by one and come back.
This was one of the problem which I was facing from a long time. Good that it got resolved now.

And like “Bhushan” mentioned about “viewing share” without adding that script to marketwatch. That’s one concern.
So, please try to work on this so that everyone is able to quickly look at any script chart without being able to add it to marketwatch.

Great applause to you and your team. Good Work!!! Thanks again.


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