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Bhushan K commented on 10 Mar 2019, 03:35 PM

HI Karthik Ji,
Accolades to Team Zerodha for Finally having TradingView Charts on your platform much after the false promises passed by Mr. T Siva.
None the less, please look into the following points.
1. TV charts do not get fit into one page. Thereby the portion of volume or other indicators cannot be seen unless the chart is pop out.
2. The old functionality of choosing the ONLY SCRIPTS marked in the Marketwatch only are appearing. If the script is not added to the marketwatch then the chart is not allowed to be open. This is not in tune with the integeration which Sharekhan and Fyers (Entire platform of TV) is made available. Please allow all scripts irrespective whether it is added to marketwatch or not to be opened for charts.
3. TV Features of Buy and Sell orders from chart is not made available. Without this it is of not much use since the same can be viewed on TV Website just by opening a FREE ACCOUNT. Please consider ASAP.

Hoping to get a Favourable Reply from Team Zerodha.
Indeed Mr. Karthik, honestly your efforts for Zerodha Varsity is unmatchable in the industry and is of highest quality parameters.
Good Work Done Team Varsity. Hope to get more added modules on Derivatives and All sorts of Option Strategies for free reading and learning which other trainers and paid programs teach for more than 30K.

Bhushan K

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