Comment on Classifying Your Market Activity

Kadar Bhai commented on 13 Feb 2019, 07:02 PM

Dear Nitin,

Could you please look at my data given down below and let me know :
Realized Profit Breakdown
Total realized profit 49044.20
Short-term profit 15199.75
Intra-day/Speculative profit 33844.45
Long-term profit 0.00

Turnover Breakdown (Scripwise)
Intra-day/speculative turnover 37204.45

Other Debits/Credits including Service Tax
Total Charges 17197.48
Total Other Charges -341.61

Q1. I have income from interest on FDs and savings besides the above trading profits, so I will need to file ITR 3 only ( i also have LTCG from another brokerage of 20000/- this year ) ?
Q2. Besides the above intraday/speculative turnover, my short-term sell side turn over is 41,51,990/-, so do i need to be audited?
Q3. What documents do I need to keep on record for trading activities in case IT dept calls me in the future, cuz your website states that contract notes are available only for past 3 months?
Q3. What is the last date for 2018-2019 filing, is it 31st of July 2019 or Sept?
Zerodha provides all the support and help like no other brokerage and I am very happy to be your client.
Thanks a million,

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