Comment on Commonly Used Jargons

Hemant Kumar commented on 27 Dec 2018, 08:13 PM

Thank you Sir for quick reply,
Two more doubt in this chapter.
1. What does mean of 52 week high/low.
Is it mean last financial year 52 week high/low or back from the present date.
suppose today( 27/12/2018) show highest price for any share is Rs 10000/-
This highest price is in FY 2017-18 or from 28/12/2017 to 27/12/2018.
which one is right.

2.Short position is done in intraday only or it can be done in delivery as well.

Someone told me that if i short share and don’t buy it back same day before closing the market then may be penalty imposed by stock broker or NSE or BSE.

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