Comment on Greek Interactions

Harsh commented on 08 Nov 2018, 07:25 PM

First of all it would be a great sin if I don’t thank you for what you are doing. Thanks sir for teaching every minute topic with great details leaving no point to wonder or ponder.

my doubt: If i bought deep OTM CE long nifty index at very low price, let say Rs2, if some big event happens (though rare) and premium goes to Rs20. Then sir will there be buyers to purchase my contract? [i feel those who had shorted earlier will be in great loss and would be looking to square off and hence will buy my contract]. I must sell the contract to avoid high STT. sir, what would be the liquidity situation in such case. Are there times when such situation land long call person in trouble or is it ok with nifty no matter what the situation is??

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