Comment on Calendar Spreads

Sundeep commented on 13 Oct 2018, 06:43 AM

Sir I have been a big fan of your work since I find varsity and I should say that I have immensely made use of your material. I have been able to use your technical analysis and options trading strategies to a reasonable profit. I thank you for that. However one thing I noticed is that a lot of those simple technical indicators have stopped working I think mainly because it has become commonplace. I had long back suggested that you come up with a list of suggested reading after each module. Sir could you kindly please quickly tell me a list of 10 books that would go beyond varsity? Mainly about 1. Technical analysis 2. Quantitative Trading 3. Books to better understand options. Ps: I have printed out a few of varsity modules in their entirety and gave away to few of my colleagues. They have found it helpful too. Thanks for the good work.

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