Comment on Calendar Spreads

Alok commented on 07 Aug 2018, 09:22 PM

To download continuous chart follow these steps.
(1) save the stock you want on pi market watch.
(2) right click the stock
you will see all available options to click
the last option must be continuous chart
(3) click open the chart, and allow it some time to load
(4) once you have the chart , again right click anywhere on the chart .
(5) scroll down to “save chart” option.
(6) once you bring the cursor on “save chart” you will see the option of “save chart data to excel”.
(7) once you click the option allow some time to let the data get loaded on excel sheet. Here you have your continuous flow data on excel sheet.
Sorry to be meddlesome. I thought my diligence may come to use for someone, while Karthik enjoys his sabbatical.

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