Comment on Single Candlestick patterns (Part 1)

Arun Koshy Alexander commented on 23 Jun 2018, 07:55 PM

Hi sir,
I have lot of confusion after this chapter. Iam a beginner so can’t able to understand this easy…Assumption 1: buy strength and sell weak….here in bullish marubozu if O=L=100,C=H=110, as per assumption we will buy at the closing price…why can’t you sell at this price so that per share we will get Rs 10 profit (if we bought for Rs 100)..and likewise for bearish market O=H=100, C=L=90 as per assumption need to sell at closing point which means loss of Rs 10 (if we bought for Rs100 per share), why can’t they sell before reaching Rs90?….how we will get profit if we are moving as per assumption…can you please explain this to me?…Thanks

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