Comment on Live Example - 2

MOHIT CHANGANI commented on 31 May 2018, 03:49 PM

Hello, KarthikJi.
Good Evening,
gone through the last example you shared and it helps me a lot to accurate my trade decisions.
as u mentioned : In this case, the intercept is 1626. The stock price of HDFC is 2024 per share, this means, 1626 out of 2024 cannot be explained by the regression equation. This means, the regression equation cannot explain nearly 80% (1626/2024) of Y’s stock price or in other words the equation can explain only 20% of the equation, which according to me is quite tricky.

what if Intercept Value is negative (-) or sometimes greater than Value of Y stock Price ?

kindly go through the sheet i shared once pls


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