Comment on Indicators (Part 2)

RAJAN . A.T. commented on 28 Apr 2018, 06:19 PM

Thanks for your kind reply sir,
As a newbie myself, how can I identify these ( ” deliverable quantity & traded quantity ” ) from the opened site as per the given link?
More over, During the trading attempt do we have to put in additional time to find out these data?
What prompt me to do this task is mentioned below.
I have been going through the commends under the chapter 19, Finale , of TA, where I found following text :-
” The higher the percent of deliverable quantity to traded quantity the better- do this commend has any thing to do with the success of a trade? If the answer is “Yes” then there may be an easy method to find out this relevant data during the trading.In case the answer is ” NO ” I am sorry to disturb you.

Seems I failed to express my self regarding this query. Sorry for wasting your valuable time and effort.


Rajan A.T.

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