Comment on Classifying Your Market Activity

Birander Singh commented on 28 Mar 2018, 10:18 AM

Sir I am a govt. employee and my salary is around 4.3 lakh in FY 17-18. I am new to this trading world and have started trading on November 17. My ID is YS6854. I have done intraday and hold shares for long term. Sir I didn’t come under tax in my salary account. But I have few questions in my mind.
1. Can I have to fill the form for trading activity since it is less than 6 months. If yes than which form do I need.
2. I have booked more losses than profit in intraday should I have to mentioned it in the form.
3. From where did I will get my intraday data of trading.
4. I am confused in declaring myself trader or a investor under Speculative Business income or Non Speculative Business income.
Please help.

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