Comment on The Option Greeks (Delta) Part 1

Pratheesh Karthikeyan commented on 29 Jan 2018, 06:24 PM

Hi Karthik,

Great work as usual but would like to share one genuine concern – zerodha clients who want to sell fat OTM weekly BNF options are restricted due to some LTP percentage regulation. So today i wasnt able to short 26000 pe/29000 ce. Customer care says there is a certain percentage decided early morning which decides how far one can participate in these OTM options. I wonder how/why zerodha doesnt have clients who want to indulge in far OTM strikes.

i) There is significant activity in these strikes – which indicates other brokerages allow
ii) As per today’s % informed from zerodha customer care i.e. 4.1%, i could sell 26400 pe which is a slightly more riskier strike. Now ifi want to hedge it with buying a pe of lesser strike, say 26100, i cannot
iii) It is tedious and impractical calling everyday to support centre and asking for this % (im told this keeps changing daily). Could you please take some steps like putting it on your website (best), send a mail to clients who are interested to do so (better)?

Looking fwd to hearing from you.


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