Comment on Taxation for Investors

vijay commented on 10 Jan 2018, 12:56 AM

Thanks Nithin for clarification.

I got an another doubt after going through this chapter. Basically, I had some gain (20000) from delivery and some losses (-40000) from intraday. Initially for 1-2 month, I was doing trading seriously and later its occasionally due to some personal reasons.

My doubt is,
1. can I accumulated show net losses (-20000) as short term capital loss?
2. Since I was in assumption thay intraday loss can be setoff against STCG, I haven’t paid advance tax for last quarter, will this attract penalty?

There are other income mainly from interest of savings account, FD and EPF withdraw (assuming I’ll receive last before 31 Mar, its taxable due to less than 5 yr service).

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