Comment on Greek Interactions

Nachiketa commented on 18 Dec 2017, 01:32 PM

Thanks Karthik for the reply below (can’t reply to that for some reason).

Also wanted to mention that last week was the first time I tried Option trading after going through all these material. It has been a exciting practical hands-on with Gujarat election going on. I could relate as well as predict and check all the volatility caveats you have mentioned in these articles. For example, Thursday (the day before exit poll was out), premiums of almost all 3-4 strikes on either side of ATM for both PE and CE increased although Nifty was down by some 0.4~0.5%. The reason being Volatility increased to almost 17% (highest in last 11 months). And although Nifty went up, premiums of some deep OTM CE dropped next day with exit poll bringing down the volatility to normal levels.

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