Comment on Single Candlestick patterns (Part 1)

chidambaram commented on 02 Dec 2017, 07:11 AM

Hi Sir,
1. You have mentioned to avoid trading based on smal candes(less than 1%) ,how to calculate this?the real body length alone should be more than 1% or the length of the entire candle along with shadow?Does this applies to intraday trading also? Usually i see intraday(in 15 mins chart) candle real body to be less than 1% length only.Then in that case how to do a intraday trading?
2.If a bullish marubuzo is formed in a downtrend/bearish marubuzo in a up trend, with a low volume at support level/resistance levels respectively ,then can we enter a short trade/long trade respectivey in the same direction of the trend at that point,on confrmation of P2 beign red candle/blue candle respectively?

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