Comment on Taxation for Investors

PAWAN KUMAR commented on 15 Aug 2017, 01:10 PM

Suppose I bought 100 shares of company XYZ on 01-08-2016 @RS. 200/share. Company demerged into XYZ and ABC in the ratio of 1:1. I received 100 shares of ABC in my demat a/c on 21-07-2017 but trading of ABC started on 02-08-2017. I sold 50 shares of XYZ on 15-07-2017 @Rs. 80/share and remaining 50 shares on 05-08-2017 @Rs. 70/share. I also sold all the 100 shares of ABC on 10-08-2017 @Rs. 150/share.
Now while calculating STCG and LTCG
1. What will be my buying cost for the shares of XYZ sold on 15-07-2017 and 05-08-2017?
2. What will be my buying date and cost for ABC?
3. What will be my STCG and LTCG?
4. Will there be same tax treatment in case of Bonus shares in 1:1 ratio instead of demerger?

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