Comment on Classifying Your Market Activity

Saket Rana commented on 06 Aug 2017, 09:55 AM

Hello Nithin,

I’ve one question regarding intraday trading in equity.
Net purchase value is Rs 261290.
Net sales value is Rs 262836.
Difference is Rs 1546.
According to your article, Rs 1546 is turnover and 6% of Rs 1546, i.e. Rs 93 is profit from business.
But logically isn’t the full amount, i.e. Rs 1546 should be treated as profit from business. Because that’s the money I’ve earned. How can we treat Rs 1546 as turnover that’s very low.

Further if any person earns 90 lakhs….He/she would be very happy to offer only 6% as profit.

What do you say?


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