Comment on Indicators (Part 2)

ZQ0852 commented on 01 Jul 2017, 11:45 PM

Dear Sir,
I have some queries:
1. As you said MACD is an upgraded and more reliable version of MA crossover, then should we discard the moving average as indicator and learn the MA only as a core concept to understand other indicators, or, the MA crossover still have some advantages and reliability over MACD?
2. What does the BB mean when the price around 20 SMA, should we consider it as neutral and neglect it or it also have sth to say?
3.Say we are looking the indicators (MACD, RSI, OR BB) for intraday with 10 min chart, in this case should we wait for the 9, 20 or 14 candlestick to appear for that particular day or we should include the previous days 10 min intraday charts for using indicators?

My concern here is that if we should also include the previous day chart, will the indicators not give false signal incase there is sth important news about the stock (as most of the candles are taken from previous days chart for calculation)?


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