Comment on The IPO Markets - Part 1

Sujeet Vhanawade commented on 10 Feb 2017, 06:00 PM

as you said, promoter retained 40% and 2 angel brokers retained 5% shares each.
does mean that all these 3 initial investers might invested amount proportionate to their share proportion
eg promoter (40%) = 4 Cr.
and angel brokers 50 Lacs each makes 5 Crore seed funding?
or it may be the case where all 3 initial investers might invested equal amount (5 Cr / 3) to raise the seed fund, but promoter retained the 40% stakes and angel brokers only retained 5% stakes each is due to the ownership of “Idea of business” is equally important (here in this case promoter have the ownership of idea of business ) that is why promoter may get more % of shares than the 2 other??

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