Comment on Taxation for Investors

SS2489 commented on 25 Jan 2017, 10:11 PM

The tax p&l shows a profit of -188.35 for intraday and SHORT TERM GROSS PROFIT ₹8,764.60…

How do I include this in my tax evaluation?? I think for short term gross profit (equity delivery) tax has already been deducted @15%. The total INTRADAY TURNOVER is ₹201.25 and SHORT TERM TURNOVER is ₹1,72,947.20. With this much turnover (small amount) do I need to file tax returns ?? Is there any minimum turnover amount for tax filing??

I job and used to file itr-4 for that in 20% tax slab. If I need to file tax for intraday amount how it has to be done? can I set off intraday loss(-188.35) against any like savings bank interest etc.

Please suggest, I am new to this field.


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