Comment on Taxation for Investors

shanker commented on 08 Jan 2017, 12:45 AM

I have Dmat account on the name of A as ist holder (me) and B(Brother) as joint holder. I have another Dmat account with A(myself) as the sole holder.
If I transfer 95% of holdings(approx.150 companies) from Dmat account of A+B to another Dmat account A. My questions are:
1. What charges I have to pay to DP for transfer of shares from Dmat A+B to another Dmat A, if I give DIS for 95% of companies to DP
2. Regarding taxation on those 95% companies—I suppose my holding period should be counted for taxation purpose. For example if shares of RIL were hold for 11 months and if I sell those RIL shares say after 2 month of transfer into Dmat account A from Dmat account A+B (i.e 13 months total from date of purchase). I think LTCG will apply as holding period is 11+2=13 months (>12 Months).

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