Comment on Single Candlestick patterns (Part 1)

John commented on 26 Aug 2016, 01:50 AM

Thankyou for teaching beginners like me, amazing lessons. however i have few questions and before asking any questions sorry for silly questions like
If it is Bearish Marubuzo then this means the stock is going down which means that if a stock is trading at 350 then it will come down and the value will reduce then if you trade in this then how can it be profitable to anyone, if you own it at 350 and if the value is reducing and if you are selling it at a lesser price how one will be in profit.
and my 2nd question in bearish marubuzo stoploss is always high why? because as the term says and as far as i have understood stop loss means that if the stock is 350 and you put a stoploss say at 320 then this means that if it comes down to 320 then you will sell it, because you cannot bear further loss. and in bearish marubuzo the stoploss is always high like if it is 350 stoploss is at 375, but if the price rises to 375 it is good for anyone because before the price was 350 now it is 375 then why?

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