Comment on Taxation for Investors

BABUBHAI AJANI commented on 30 Jul 2016, 04:56 PM

Hello Sir:

I have started my SIP for MF as Resident Indian for a 1 year. Now, I am NRI. I had switch off Equity to debt fund and vice versa. So,due these got profit of around 12K. So, Its STCG if I am not Wrong ? Also, I have done few transaction in delivery based in stock market and profit is very less. All transaction comes under STCG. So I have few question.
1). Should I have to pay STCG tax in IT return ?
2). When I came to knew that NRI profile its not easy to do trading. I had gifted all my holding to my mother. Would it be any problem ?
3). Which ITR form I should use ? Previously I was salaried person. So I was filing ITR1.

Thanks in Advance.


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